The Restaurant

Serving excellent traditional Modena cuisines.

The Restaurant

The Excellent traditional Modena Cuisine

The restaurant devotes its attention on the preparation of local traditional dishes, each carefully handmade using time-honored recipes and locally sourced quality ingredients. Alternatively, we also offer a special seafood menu to our diners.


Our Chef

Massimo Veneziano.

Born in Formia (LT) on 19 January 1972, he started working as a cook at the age of 14 under the direct supervision of his father, the experienced Chef Italo Veneziano, at the restaurant named “Italo”; over time he has held increasingly relevant jobs, from Plongeur to Commis, before becoming Chef Saucier.

In 1992, always with his father Chef Italo Veneziano by his side, he started his experience at the restaurant named “Veneziano” in Formia, where he continued the learning process and the expertise refining.

He became a member of the Italian Cooks Federation (FIC-Federazione Italiana Cuochi) since 1992/1993, he took various refresher courses and participated to numerous events organised by the Federation; in September 2017, he became part of the “Collegium Cocorum”, a special honor which the Federation itself confers to its members who have worked in the catering industry for more than twenty years.

During that period he took part to several events, among which the remarkable gala dinner arranged for the conclusion of the ECOFIN works at the barrak “G.Mazzini” in Gaeta.

Between 2010 and 2013 he was one of the managers of the well-known top restaurant “Batezar” in St. Vincent.

Since 2013 he has engaged his professional experience in Modena, arriving at Rua Frati 48 in September 2018.


Come and Visit us

The American bar

Only the best in a relaxing and reserved location

The bar is open to both guests and the public, for quick business meetings or for other types of rendezvous, in an elegant and private setting. The bar serves various quality liquors from the Bas Armagnae of 1870, to the special rums and whiskies, as well as some best local wines.


Hotel Rua Frati 48 in San Francesco


Rua Frati 48 in San Francesco
Rua dei Frati Minori 48
41121 Modena MO
(+39) 059 7474411